About me

My name is Anna de Vries and I'm 36 years old. I am a mother myself. I have two boys; the oldest is four years old and the youngest is one year old. Attachment parenting appeals to me as a parent.

Professional experience

I offer child care with professional knowlegde, experience and professional beliefs in a home context. During my social work study (professional higher education) I specialised in parenting support and working with families. After getting my degree I worked in elderly care and disability care, but I lost my heart to working in child care. I have a broad experience in working with children. I already gained experience in working with children when I was still in secondary school by babysitting and working as a camp leader at summer camps. Later, I worked as an au pair in the United States. I also worked in regular child care, in infant groups, in a toddler group, in pre-schooler groups, in mixed age groups and in after school care. I have made the choice to start my own home daycare, because I think it's best for a child to be in a home context and because I like working in a home context myself.


For me it's important that children grow up in a stimulating, motivating and in the first place loving environment. Independence of the children is the number one value in my work. I acknowledge the importance of children making choices of their own to develop their independence and to develop their own identity. I think it's important to give children freedom to do what they want, but they always have to be respectful towards others. As soon as it's possible I talk with children. Children are "full" individuals! I am not an advocate of a set routine and rituals on the whole; not all children need this. I rather look at the child's needs. This is something I do from the very beginning: when a baby cries, this means that something is going on and then it's up to me to find out what makes him cry and to fulfil his needs.

I think it's also important to teach while workin pre-schoolers during my work. Knowing the language is most important for optimum participation in a society. Knowing both Dutch and English, I can teach your child Dutch without an accent to give him the best start we can give him living in the Netherlands. But knowing both languages I can also understand your child when he or she says something in English or when he or she asks me something in English, I can translate everything and I can say something first in Dutch and then in English or first in English and then in Dutch. For the French- and German-speaking parents among you, I also know French and German. I also understand quite some Spanish, but I can only say very few in Spanish.g as a child care worker. I am prepared to homeschool both school-aged children, as well as

I like spontanous activities. I like going to the library with the children to have them choose some books. I think it's important for children to read. I also think it's important for a child's social development to play with other children. I like baking with the kids and dancing with them. After coming home from school, they make homework first. I enjoy taking the kids to a toy shop from time to time and let them choose something for a certain amount of money.

If you want to continue breastfeeding when your child goes to child care, I'll do anything I can to make this possible. Also, I am willing to use washable nappies and to co-operate in elimination communication.