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    Loving kids

    Attachment parenting in a home context
  • Loving kids

    Loving kids

    Professional knowlegde, experience and professional beliefs in a home context
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    Loving kids

    Also child care at night
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    Loving kids

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Anna de Vries

Welcome to Loving kids

Loving kids offers home daycare in the neighbourhood De Glip in Heemstede, next to Bennebroek. Home daycare offers all advantages of regular child care in the cosy atmosphere of a home. First of all, your child can develop socially through social intercourse with peers, as well as with younger and older kids, among others by playing together. Just like in regular child care the child care worker is a professional in child care who finished a pedagogic study. Also, everything is well arranged. For example, there is a emergency action plan. Because home daycare is an official type of child care, you can get a child care benefit.
So home daycare offers all advantages that regular child care offers. At the same time, you don't have the disadvantages of regular child care. I know from my own experience that all child care organisations are pretty much the same, whereas every child is unique. Because home daycare takes place in a home context, every home daycare is unique, like every child is unique. In regular child care there is a set routine a child has to adapt to, even if he needs something else at that moment, which is pretty logical in a group consisting of sixteen children at a day nursery or even up to forty children at the after school care. Home daycare is small-scale child care, so you can compare it with a nice big family. This making that the childminder can fulfil your child's needs.


Why Loving kids?

Ideal opening hours

Monday through Saturday 24 hours a day

At the moment, there is still room every day.

  • Your child can stay over for the night, so you can have nightshifts.
  • If your work starts early, you can drop off your child already before you start and your child can have breakfast with us.
  • If you come home late, your child can stay for dinner.
Daycare nearby

Loving kids offers home daycare in the neighbourhood De Glip in Heemstede, next to Bennebroek.

English, polish and dutch.

Because of my background, I speak fluently english, polish and dutch.

Attachment Parenting

Your child ends up in a safe, stimulating, motivating and above all loving environment.